Sunday, October 16, 2011

Things I learned in Church this Sunday...

1.  You annoy the ones you love.
2.  I am my son's biggest toy...  he likes to play with the rings on my fingers, my watch, taking my hand to his chin, kissing my palm, rubbing his face on my shirt, rubbing his fingers between his toes and then holding my hand...  sigh...
3.  My son's primary love language must be Physical Touch, even though I thought it was Quality Time.
4.  My daughter draws some cool/cute/funny pictures during the message.  (See below)

5. My husband needs a new Bible Cover. (He passed me a note stating this fact.)
6.  It is worth $10 to pay my son to try out the Sunday School program next week, so I can enjoy whatever message is being presented.
7.  Jesus is the only way to God. 

I hope this brought a little smile to your face.  Find a way to enjoy every day this week.


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