Friday, January 13, 2012

Cleaning my Craft Room

I wanted to show you what I have accomplished this week, since I haven't really been crafting.  My husband made me another cool craft room in our new house, so I wanted to move some things around and have more space for crafting.  I made these really cool punch holders from IKEA (okay... my Grandpa Calvin put them together for me, but I decorated them.) and I wanted to move them off my counter.  I bought this really cool 6 cube shelf and they fit perfectly.  I have 9 cube one in my closet!

My punch holders under my white board.  My die cutting supplies and ink pads are also over there.

My hide-a-bed, although we now have a queen in Kye's room.  Great for relaxing and reading through craft magazines and books.

My work space.  I put all my essential supplies in my cabinets, so I can just grab them when I am ready to craft.  I'm trying to keep my computer in here, too.  I searched through 3 different rooms/boxes to find the cords to hook up my PictureMate printer, too.  Ready to craft!!

My actually organized closet.  It's been organized since we moved in.  Thanks again, Mom for all your help!
Now to get to my 30 minutes of walking, so I can craft without the guilt later.  ;)

Happy Crafting!

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