Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fireworks in a Glass

I have to say that I just love Pinterest!  There are so many ideas on there and I could stay up all night finding fun things to do, make or just dream about.  That is kind of what I did on Friday night with my son, Dylan.  We found a really cool website and found this great science activity that we wanted to try.  The website is Frugal Fun for Boys and there are tons of ideas on things to do with your kids.  The one we liked the best was Fireworks in a Glass. 

All you need is some oil, a bowl, a spoon, a glass of warm water and some food coloring.
(I love the little alien that decided to visit us in the reflection of our lights on the counter...)

Pour some oil in a bowl and add some food coloring.

Dylan wanted to add lots of colors.  Looks like Scooby has the chicken pox.

Stir the food coloring and oil together.

Now Scooby looks like he has the measles.

Pour the oil mixture in the warm water.

As the water warms the oil, it releases the food coloring drops into the water.

Pretty cool colors!

Ummm... I guess we added a little too much food coloring.

Tried it again with a little less food coloring.  Only one drop per color.

Looks really cool!!

This one lasted a little longer, too.

The whole family was enthralled...
One other thing we would change is using a little bit cooler water.  Our 'warm' was bordering on hot, so it could have warmed the oil too fast.  We would still consider this a success.  Have fun trying this at home!  (Now off to stamp.)


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