Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm back!

What a week!  We just got home from our fabulous week in California.  My mom sure knows how to celebrate a special birthday!  :)  We spent the first half at Disneyland and the second half in San Diego.
Made into Cars Land!
All was well until the last day or two... I developed a head cold that apparently went to the rest of my roomies... my son got his 'seal cough' the last night in San Diego and then my daughter caught my head cold and had an ear ache the whole ride home today.  Our pet guinea pig, Betsy also had a bit of a health scare while we were gone.  She had to go to the 'vet hospital' on Friday with seizures and went into cardiac arrest when they had to force feed her.  Luckily, the amazing vets at Clearfield Veterinary Clinic took perfect loving care of her for us and she made it through the weekend and into Kaity's very greatful arms!

We are exhausted, but full of fun memories!  I'll post a few pics later this week, along with the current Stampin' Up! specials.


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