Saturday, August 11, 2012

Upgrading to MDS2 Today!

Okay, I totally planned on uploading the MDS2 update as soon as I got home from vacation, but with a sick family and our guinea pig passing away, it kind of got put off.  Well, I am finally uploading the new $19.95 update today!  I was trying to decide between the regular MDS2 upgrade or the $79.95 MDS2+ upgrade and I decided to go for the cheaper version.  I really want to play around with it and take advantage of some of the 31% off downloads instead of going for the + download.  In case you are trying to decide, here are the links to what is on each upgrade:

130644 MDS2 software $39.95
130650 MDS2 software upgrade $19.95 (This is the one to get, if you just want the basic updates and already have the first My Digital Studio software.  It does not have the downloads that come with the MDS2+ software.)
120646 MDS2+ software $79.95 (The MDS2 update with $500 worth of additional downloads!)

If you're still not sure, than download the trial version for free

I will be playing around with MDS2 this weekend, along with stamping some fun projects for upcoming classes and kits, so stay tuned for pictures!  If I can figure out how to create a video with the cameras I have on hand, maybe I'll try to make one of those, too!  Wish me luck!

Have a fabulous weekend and do something creative!

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