Sunday, October 7, 2012

Puzzle Time

For those of you who have been to my house in the last few months, you have probably seen my huge 1000 piece puzzle I've been working on.  I had these grand plans of hanging it on my wall once I completed this beautiful picture... well.  I almost gave up, but I got an OTT lite for my birthday and brought it next to the puzzle table, so I could see the pieces better and I FINISHED IT!!!  You may not be as excited as I am, but this is a huge accomplishment!  Now I will cover it with puzzle glue and find a frame so I can actually hang it on the wall above my puzzle table.  Here's a picture of my finished masterpiece.

I've been playing around with some fun Halloween items, so I'll post some pictures this week.  Still trying to decide about my October Kit of the Month... I'm not sure I can include Halloween themed items, due to the time constraint, so... I'll let you know later this week what I decide.  Maybe I'll come up with two mini kits...

Happy Sunday!!

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