Friday, November 30, 2012

New Paper Trimmer & Family Fun

In case you haven't heard, IT'S HERE!!   Check out the video below to view all the cool bonus features on Stampin' Up!'s new Paper Trimmer. To order your very own for only $29.95, click on the 'shop now' button on the right and type in the item number 126889.  I actually have one in my hands!  I haven't had a chance to play with it much, since I'm still studying for my PRAXIS test that I will be taking December 18th...  I'm hoping to take a little crafting break this weekend to work on some digital calendars and some Christmas cards.  I promise to post anything that I create!!!  I can't wait to try this out!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  We headed to Boise and enjoyed a fabulous weekend with the family!  Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving at my Mom and Dad's house,  our annual Festival of Trees trip and our Family Crafting Day aka Girls Day.  I was sad because everyone was making these cute cards, tags and ornaments while I was studying... Next year!!!  Plus, I can't wait to receive some of their projects on Christmas.  :) 

Me and my dad, Mike
My sister Stacy, son Dylan, cousin Shawna, neice Callie, me and my daughter Kaity

Verbarendse Family Photo
Kaity, my husband Bryan, his mom Kathy, Dylan, his dad Mike and me

This is the cutest picture of Dylan with his little cousin, Callie. 

Festival of Trees in Boise
Dylan, me, my mom Cris, Callie, my sister's mother-in-law Sylva, Kaity and Kathy

Festival of Trees in Boise - I love all the inspiration!!
Kaity, me and Dylan

Kaity, me and Callie coloring a picture together while waiting to see Santa.

Festival of Trees in Boise
Callie, Stacy, Santa, me, Kaity and Dylan

Family Crafting Day!!
Stacy, Aunt Bonnie, Grandma Barbara, Mom and Sylva

Grandma Barbara had a lot of fun making her cards today. 
Thanks again, Mom, for creating the fabulous card kits for her!!

My mom, Cris, made the cutest tags!! 
Some were really big, so we were joking about the size of the presents she must be giving us.  :) 

I had to include a picture of me on Family Crafting Day...
I really wish I would have crafted instead of studied, but I'm sure I'll be thankful Dec. 18th.

We had to include the rest of the girls during our fun Girls Day.
Shawna, Stacy, Callie and Kaity
My cousin, Shawna was so excited to be included this year! 
She played Angry Birds on her mom's ipad and napped. 
I'm kind of jealous! 
 I hope everyone had a fantabulous Thanksgiving and I wish you a very merry December!  Don't forget to check my website for specials, promotions and ideas to help inspire you during this holiday time.  If you need to have anything shipped directly to your home, click on the 'shop now' button on the right and shop away!  :)  Don't forget to check out the digital downloads and the Clearance section.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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