Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Quick Updates, but More Fun Tomorrow!

I can't believe I only had one post last month!  I think that's a first!  Apparently, it's been busy.  Here are some quick updates and I will post more fun stuff tomorrow. 

*  I passed my PRAXIS test last month and I just received my Utah Teaching License in the mail today!  Woo, hoo!!!  Soooooooo glad that part is over!  Now I just need to try to find a teaching job for next year. 

*  My daughter, Kylie came home for Christmas and my in-laws were here for their first Christmas morning with my family!  It was crazy and fun!

Annual Christmas Cookie Decorating with Grandma Kathy and Papa

My family!
Bryan, Dylan, Kylie, Kaity and me

with the Verbarendse Grandparents
Grandma Kathy, Dylan, Kylie, Kaity and Papa

Christmas Eve stocking tradition...
We buy each person a gift for under $5 and we wrap them in our own paper.  Mine was Disney themed!
Kylie's giving Sebastian a little more love before she has to fly back to Arizona.

Can you believe all that snow!!  It was definitely a white Christmas in Utah this year!

My crazy wonderful kids!
* My husband and I celebrated our 21st Anniversary on December 29th!  The saddest part was that we had to drop Kylie off at the airport on our way to a nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.
Happy 21st Anniversary!!
I think that's it...  Lots of fun and excitement last month and then we kind of hibernated and are trying to stay healthy for January.  The air quality is horrible!  We still have a ton of snow and it has been really cold, so I have been inside reading a lot.  I've actually read five books already this month!

I have been inspired to craft, so check back later this week for some Sale-a-bration info and project ideas.

Have a great rest of your week!

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