Monday, June 29, 2015

My New Craft Closet

So it's not quite the weekend, but I was close!  :)  I wanted to show you the before, during and after pics of my new under-the-stairs craft closet.  I had to try and purge a ton of craft items to fit as much as I could in my closet, so my guest room can really be a guest room.  I am still storing a lot of my paper and larger kits in the guest room closet.  I haven't sorted through all the designer paper yet. 

In case you forgot what my 'before the move' pictures looked like.  As you can see, I was a bit preoccupied with life.  I had a lot of time to create a mess, but no time to clean... I guess.
My Utah craft closet...  It was actually still pretty organized.
My new storage closet... Trying to see how the different sized items fit.
First try.  I liked the space that I had in front of my 9 shelf unit, but I new I had a lot more stuff to store...
Added my 9 drawer unit and thought it fit perfectly!  I still have room next to it to get to the shelves behind it on the left.
I am finally happy to be #verticallychallenged!  I can still get to everything!
Everything is stored and now labeled! 
 I love pink and washi tape, so I had some fun with that and my label maker.
I still love my ribbon and wheel holder that my original up-lines husband made me.  I don't have a lot of wheels anymore, but it can store items like washi tape, too.  Thanks again, Zane Bowerman!!
Using the inside of my door to hang my aprons, convention tags, and even one of my convention bags!
I love my little teacher cabinet, so I thought it would look cute in the corner.
Guess what!  My cabinet was the perfect size to store my Stampin' Up! ink pads and I can add the extras inside!  I love how my other ribbon/wheel/washi tape holder looks above it!
Okay... here is my desk before I started sorting through all my bins.  Pretty clear... for about a second.
Just so you don't think that everything was organized...  We are hoping to contact the people who put in our cabinets in the rest of the house to add matching cabinets above my crafting desk.  I'm hoping my 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock can fit inside, so I can clear that off my desk eventually.
Now... I was lucky enough to get my husband to take me to IKEA yesterday to buy some bookshelves for our guest room and look what else I found... A pink shelf unit!  I even put it together myself.  So proud!  I also added some more pink boxes to fill with fun planning accessories.  Can you tell what my favorite color is?  #ILovePink!!
Well, what do you think?  I still have some work to do in the guest room to get it all organized with my teacher items and other crafting paper/kits.  I will try to show you some pics of that room when I am done.  Hopefully tomorrow!  You can always see my pics on Instagram @chattymamav
Have a fabulous week!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

I'm back... again!

Okay...  lots of updates, so I will condense as much as possible.  (Still a long post!)

*  My oldest daughter, Kylie got engaged on Christmas Eve!  Wedding in November!
*  I was teaching a morning Kindergarten class and an afternoon 1st grade for the last school year.
*  I had to quit the afternoon 1st grade when we found out we were going to sell our house in Utah and move to Arizona.  Too much to do as a single working mom, since my husband had to leave the beginning of March and my 7th grader needed my attention a bit more.  These pictures of my craft/guest room should give you an idea of how much cleaning and 'staging' I had to do to get the house ready to go on the market.


*  Bought a new house in Litchfield Park, Arizona!

*  Dylan and I finished out our school year in Utah on June 4th.  I had to pack up my classroom the next day.  Very sad day for me.  I loved my school and the other Kindergarten teacher, Patrice Holbrook that I was lucky enough to work with!

*  Bryan drove to Utah to help us prepare to drive the family to Arizona.  Luckily, his company packed and moved our stuff.  I can't even imagine doing all of that ourselves!

*  My daughter, Kaity came home from her first year at University of Minnesota to say goodbye to her awesome friends before sadly driving with me to our new house in Arizona.  Celebrated her birthday in a hotel room and then left the next day.   

*  Drove through a downpour with flash flooding warnings which was scary and not very fun!

*  Moved into our new house in Arizona on June 15th!
 *  Watching our new pool being built while staying inside for the 115 degree temperatures here...

*  Now we are unpacking all the boxes and hoping someone comes soon to get the empty ones out of our garage.
*  Thank goodness my husband now has a truck!  We have been donating a lot of stuff to Goodwill in the last two weeks!  I had a very hard time donating my retired Stampin' Up! stamp sets, punches, ink pads, refills, cardstock, and other various items.  (Not to mention a ton of other crafting items I never used.)  I decided that someone would be very happy with their find at our local Goodwill. 

I had to keep a few!  Kept my wedding colors, Boise State colors, and some of my favorite Pinks, of course!
*  Trying to organizing my 33 boxes of crafting items into my new craft closet under our stairs.  #SmallStorageSpace
*  Checking out the new planner craze, since I loved my custom teaching planner I created.
*  Trying to get my mind ready to start swaps for the last Stampin' Up! Convention next month.  (YES!  I'm still a demonstrator!)
*  Planning on blogging more!  You're my witnesses!

Here's to hoping you have a fabulous weekend!  I'm posting pictures of my newly organized craft closet this weekend!